Gluten-Free Products

Thanks to its Gluten Free range, Bridor provides a solution for catering professionals who are increasingly asked for these products by their customers.
A range of 5 references, consisting of individual rolls and pastries, which multiple advantages:

  • Enjoyment: products that are as indulgent as conventional products.
  • Safety: no contamination possible thanks to the individual wrapping which can go in the oven up to 160 °C or in the microwave.
  • Speedy kitchen to plate time: Fully baked products, ready in just a few minutes.

sans gluten


These breads are made with gluten-free flour bursting with Bridor taste and boasting the much-prized Bridor texture.

Small 45g plain roll
Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Small 45g seed roll
Seeds for more taste, more crispness and more fun!

Briochette and madeleine

Traditional bakery and Viennese pastry ingredients such as butter and eggs combine health with happiness and enhance the gourmet quality of these products.

50g sweet all butter briochette
No better way to start the day.

30g all butter madeleine
A delicious vanilla-flavoured treat for when the whim strikes.

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