Bridor avant-produits (Pre-finished products)

avant produit

BRIDOR AVANT-PRODUITS (PRE-FINISHED PRODUCTS) simplify the manufacture of a large number of catering products, both in cookery and cake-making. Serving the creativity of chefs, they enable the preparation of numerous traditional and modern recipes, both savoury and sweet: pastry fingers, vol-au-vents, galettes, tarts and quiches, etc.

Rollable Bridor blocs de pâte feuilletée (Puff pastry blocks) deliver a high-quality flaky texture (96 layers), pure butter, and ease of use. They’re ideal for making catering products, appetisers, etc.

Rollable Bridor blocs de pâte à croissant (croissant pastry blocks), containing pure butter, make it easier to produce this delicate and flaky leavened pastry, allowing you to create a thousand and one pastry products: Danish pastries, tartlets and home-made croissants, both plain and filled, sweet or savoury.