Gluten-free know-how

Expertise Sans Gluten

Drawing on its baking expertise, Bridor has taken up the gluten-free quality challenge in its new range consisting of a madeleine, a briochette and two small rolls (plain and seed).

These products retain all the taste of others in the Bridor family thanks to choice ingredients such as gluten-free flour, butter, eggs and poppy seeds that combine health with happiness and enhance their gourmet quality.

Their heat-resistant individual packaging (up to 160°C) allows them to be heated in the oven alongside other Bridor products without any danger of the one coming into contact with the other.

This fully baked range is characterised by a very short heating time: only a few minutes are needed to defrost the products directly in their packaging in a conventional or microwave oven and serve them to hungry customers.

A complete, safe and practical range that will meet the highest expectations of the most demanding consumers.

To learn more about gluten intolerance, visit the website of the Association Française des Intolérants au Gluten