Bridor by Frédéric Lalos

Frédéric LALOS – Best French Craftsman of the year 1997

Frédéric LALOS is a baker who is passionate about his work and enthusiastic about tradition – a real artist.
He constantly strives for excellence in his work, and this resulted in him receiving the French Craftsmanship
Award when he was just 26 years old. His staying power and constant search for perfection led him to work in several great establishments, from Lenôtre to the Hôtel Matignon. In his search for excellence, this inimitable craftsman has been able to bring a sense of nobility back to French Baking, notably in making traditional loaves fashionable once again. The new range of loaves from BRIDOR by Frédéric LALOS is generous and made for sharing.

 Their shapes might be rustic and remind us of the breads of old, but their flavour is resolutely modern and mild with a slightly sweet taste.